I’m calling it now. 2017 will be my year. I’ve called it before, but this time I mean it.

I spent the end of 2016 in a ‘off-season’ training cycle, which I hated. LOL. I totally get that my body needs a break, and I definitely felt completely toast after Barbarians, but I did not start doing strongman to spend half the year doing powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts. Blegh.

The positive from spending the rest of the year in such a cycle was my squat strength exploded and since starting back doing events training, everything posterior-chain related has been easier or the weights have gone up. Yay!


I’m starting the year out with Tamworth’s Strongest Man and Woman this Saturday (21 January) which will be my only competition before Arnold’s in March (though it’s going to be hard because there’s quite a few in February and I’ve turned into a comp-junkie :/)

Comp events/weights:

  1. Yoke 10m up and back – 200kgs
  2. Rising log (starts at 50kgs)
  3. Rising deadlift (starts at 130kgs)
  4. Truck pull
  5. Stones over 1.3m bar in 60 secs – 90kgs

The Tamworth comp is on the same weekend as the famous country music festival, so should work up a bit of a crowd of ogling spectators, and I felt I really needed the experience of competing with a bit of a crowd and some pressure, and a heavier comp (but not too heavy!) in the lead up to Arnold’s. I also just really felt the need to have a comp under my belt pre-Arnold’s that wasn’t how I felt at the end of Barbarians. Not that I was disappointed in my performance… but I kind of was. Really finishing on that stone killed my vibe I think.


So in that vein, I headed back up to PTC Macarthur’s awesome facility on Sunday to get in my last events session before deloading for Tamworth and hang out with some cool strongman peeps. My god was that worth the drive. I pulled a log PB of 75kgs, an axle deadlift PB of 160kgs x 2 and then 170kgs for 1, but most importantly, I attempted that 100kg stone again. I got the damn thing. I wanted to finish on a high so I only did the damn thing once, but that’ll do for me for now. It was a big day and I didn’t need to chase anything stupid and risk injury.

I then made a video compilation of my Barbarians fail against the success with the stone on Sunday and shared it to a few groups. IT WENT GANGBUSTERS (well you know, for a lowly amateur strongwoman). Samantha Coleman, one of the strongest women in the world and a Pro Strongwoman in the US shared my video, Donna Moore, the current strongest woman in the world with the world stones record liked the video and then followed me on Instagram. It was an amazing day and an amazing feeling. You’d think people want to see medals and trophies, but it really shows that at the heart of it, strongmen and women are in it to see people succeed, and beating a mental demon like that was respected all over.


In that moment right there, I felt like I had made it.

So I’ve resolved that 2017 will be my year. I will smash all previous expectations of myself and I will go hard and give it my all.

Nothing can stop me now.