Right so the last time I blogged I said that I had signed up to another comp, significantly more challenging than those I’ve done in the past: Dawn of the Barbarians at PTC Macarthur.

The event list for Open Women is:

  • Super yoke 220kg or 240kgs over 20m;
  • Conan’s Wheel 120kgs or 140kgs for max revolutions in 60 secs;
  • Monster Dumbbell (40kgs) for reps in 60 secs;
  • Atlas Stone Loading to 1.1m, 80kgs, 90kgs, 100kgs, 110kgs and 120kgs inside 75 secs; and
  • Mystery Event – just released – crucifix hold for time at 10kg per hand.


Crapping myself.

So Tara told me to pick a comp that would challenge me. Well I did that. She also said if it didn’t scare me that it wasn’t challenging enough. Since then she’s had to counsel me with words of wisdom like “If you don’t have at least one meltdown before a competition, are you really a competitor?”. Because let me tell you, the meltdowns have been epic. Last Saturday I even bawled my eyes out while hanging over a yoke just feeling like I would never be strong enough to move something 240% of my bodyweight.

It feels like every day is legs day these days

I’ve had good, strong training days, like where I first got the monster dumbbell up and promptly repped it 3x. Or when I hit a PB on my squats and did my fourth set of five sets at 90kgs, and then went for it and did my last set of 4 at 100kgs (prior to that my 1RM last time it was tested was 95kgs). There have been many more sad, weak days, where my sore wrist is just annoyingly sore, and then I get a niggle in my elbow, and I’m still sore in my hammies from two days ago, and I can’t lock out a weight I did last week with no troubles. (Or I end up crying over a yoke.)

I know I need to trust the process. When I feel crap, I still go to the gym and I still push myself. Some days it just takes a few more sets for me to warm up than normal. When I’m stressed and not hungry, I still make myself eat the rice and chicken and broccoli (mostly… the other night I ate Ben & Jerry’s for dinner instead…).

judgement free zone please

It is hard right now with work and life to try and fit in training sessions of 1-2 hours. Work is busy and the days are starting earlier. We’re trying to renovate our home, so there’s so much work to do there, and if we’re not doing it, it’s a construction zone and not comfortable. I’m still trying to blog and insta, as well as helping a friend run a blog and insta about strongwoman. I’m still the ACT coordinator of the Barrister’s Animal Welfare Panel. There’s still a home to run, laundry to do, food prep for me (and I eat a lot) and for Bri (who eats twice as much) and a dog to look after and appointments to get to. We’re also looking into starting to plan our wedding, as well as our next holiday (which we’re hoping to do with both our sets of parents which adds a level of complexity to planning). There simply aren’t enough hours in most days to get everything done.

But this is temporary and I’m doing it because I have a goal I want to achieve, which is to scare the shit out of myself and compete at a comp that challenges me more than I’ve ever had before. I have to keep persevering because there is an end goal.

For now, my performance against the events looks like this:

  • Super yoke – max effort I’ve achieved is 200kgs for about 5m;
  • Conan’s Wheel – I did okay at last comp at 80kgs, have moved about 5m with 130kgs on my arms using a yoke;
  • Monster Dumbbell – I have repped it 3x in less than 60 seconds to date;
  • Atlas Stone Loading – the heaviest I’ve repped is 90kgs and I got 100kg off the ground;
  • Crucifix hold – who knows? How do you train for that?

There’s still a lot of improvement to be had in my numbers, but I also know I’m capable of awesome things on comp day with adrenaline and support. If there’s ever going to be a day where I blow my own mind, it’ll be on 6 November.

For now, it’s rest day. Train hard. Rest hard.