I’m back! It’s been forever and I’ve been so slack and yet I have SO MUCH to say! Poor B and Tara, they cop all of my ranting. This is why I need to blog again!

So I left you all right before B and I went away to the US for four weeks, after the huge high of my first strongwoman comp where I came a mind-blowing 2nd, and just as I had signed up for my next competition. Well that comp is in just over a week (yikes) but I also signed up for another competition about 4 weeks after that one! I AM GOING CRAZY. Don’t judge me, I got the strongman bug.

But the point of this post was to talk about how we kept it all up while we were away. Considering we thought B was going to be competing the weekend after we got home (ended up pulling out for a variety of reasons), and we knew I would be competing a month later, we really had to keep up some level of consistency while we were overseas.

Look, some parts of the trip, training was the furthest thing from our minds (for example, while we were at Disney World and having the time of our lives, hanging out with some of my best and now oldest friends, and GETTING ENGAGED! AHHHH).

Other priorities aside from training

However, we really do love this sport, we love lifting and we love doing it together, so it wasn’t really difficult to get motivated to train for the most part. While we were in Denver with my family it was a lot easier to set up some semblance of a schedule where we went to the gym, either with my parents when they had their PT sessions (in their 50s and killing it, worthy of another post sometime I think!) or in the afternoons when we didn’t have much else on, taking a drive out to the strongman gym Metroflex Denver.

We had the opportunity to visit both a few times, and obviously take all the selfies while we were there.

The most challenging thing for both of us was the altitude, which knocked us both around pretty hard, and simply being deconditioned. When you have a consistent schedule and just get into a routine with life and the gym and your food, it really didn’t seem that hard and we just kept hitting those goals. A week off, with no focussed food intake, add in the altitude and BAM. Those gym sessions were TOUGH.

We did a pretty standard gym split while away. Switching between legs days and full upper body days vs event training days. We were restricted by the equipment we had access to and the general environment of the gyms (ie. standard gyms don’t appreciate you smashing their equipment on the floor while deadlifting).

I definitely don’t think everyone should maintain a rigorous training schedule while on holiday, it is supposed to be a holiday at the end of the day. However, given how much we love what we do, and how competitive I aim to be someday, I think it’s a great addition to a holiday and trying new things.

Now that we’ve settled back in we have a consistent schedule again, working towards the second of my two comps. I’m back on the meal plan and carb cycling and it’s crazy how great it feels to feed yourself at regular intervals. We went from eating maybe two meals a day in the US to our regular and consistent meals and it really ramps up your appetite! I’m definitely still feeling a bit sluggish, in need of more sleep and struggling with the caloric deficit some days. Getting back into the groove of real life has been a bit tough but I think we’ve managed to find our rhythm again.

For now, 10 days until the Newcomer’s comp and just over 5 weeks until the Barbarians’ comp. Better get my butt to the gym!