Oh man… what is life now? I didn’t train for weeks since I deloaded the week leading into comp, then we moved house, so I spent a week cleaning and scrubbing and then two days moving. I tried to treat the moving like a training session, picked up things and ran with them to their destination. Got my heart rate up, covered in bruises, but oddly, didn’t have the same appeal HAHA.

Moving house = ice cream

Unfortunately, the move has derailed several components of my strongwoman life. It has been difficult to eat to plan (I was supposed to go back to my pre-loading meal plan for two weeks before my holiday), there were obviously a couple of days fuelled by pizza, but since then we have been eating our normal planned meals, except we don’t have enough food (byproduct of knowing we’re going away soon) and haven’t really prepped enough to sustain our level of activity with moving and cleaning. I can’t worry about it too much as I know I’m still being active, just in a different way. But, my god, I am ITCHING to get out and lift some stones!!

We managed to set up the gym last week in the new place, promptly got into it and wrecked ourselves with a big upper body session (got to 70kgs 3×3 – used to be my 1RM). Then we were out at the X on Saturday for a Strongroom class where we had farmers shuttle runs (do not underestimate… that was a LOT of distance, about 250m all up at about 53kgs each hand for me) and log work, first presses (65kgs x 3) and then cleans (70kgs x 3). We finished up with some tyre flips as well.

Always the same monkey face

Sunday we were at our mate’s place, and dicked around with the monster dumbbell (can clean and hold it, but pressing will take QUITE some time I think! It’s an awkward implement) and did some more upper body work with a focus on overhead pressing accessory work and triceps.

Dicking around with a Monster DB

This week B and I are off to the USA! We have a few days in San Francisco where there will be much walking and eating of delicious foods, and then almost a week in Denver at my parents’ place, where we will be going to the gym as much as possible and eating to plan (and getting some shopping-walking in!) We then have 10 days at Disney World and will obviously walk like crazy people, but we’re also hoping to get a couple of bodyweight type exercises in outside in the humidity and sunshine. Then it’s another week back in Denver where we’re hoping to get out to some strongman gyms in the area and meet some cool new people and play around. (Brian Shaw and Mike Burke train nearby…gonna fan girl pretty hard…)


Once we’re back though it’s back to the grindstone in preparation for upcoming competitions throughout spring. Today I signed up for my next strongman competition which is The Newcomer’s Challenge #3 at PTC Macarthur in Sydney on 9 October. The weights haven’t been released yet but the events are:

  • Yoke/Farmers
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Hercules Hold
  • Conan’s Wheel
  • Max Atlas Stones

So there’s 3 events there I’ve never done before, and two which are pretty rare to come across (I hear). PTC Macarthur is a really awesome strongman-style gym just outside of Sydney where we went to watch War of the Titans. They have some really cool equipment and it looks like they’re still building their arsenal . I’m super excited to have something to focus my training towards (lots of shoulder work and endurance type events) and to have something to look forward to when I get home (aside from renovating the new place!!).

The new countdown on is on: just under 9 weeks to go!

Oh, also, I got purple hair. My strongwoman Spirit Unicorn got in there and purpled it up good and I’m in love with it. No judgement, I’m about to be on holiday!