The big day has been and gone! This will be a long post so bare with me while I recap the events and everything I was feeling, since this day is the whole reason I’m here!

My results breakdown is as follows:

comp day results
I ended up placing first in stones, second on the yoke and log, fourth in farmers/tyre medley and equal fourth on the deadlift.

I feel I was pretty strong across all events, though there were definitely places for improvement.


I was feeling extremely nervous by the time we were warming up on the yoke. I just desperately needed to get an event out of the way and get moving. All the waiting around and warming up was just starting to get to me.

Well, the yoke has been one of my strengths in training and the 160kg weight has never been a challenge for me so I thought it was a comfortable event to start on. I was wrong. I didn’t have control of the frame, I felt wobbly and weak, I took off from the start line running, but I didn’t feel properly warmed up and ready for it. A few short metres from the finish line I dropped it. I picked it straight back up really quickly and took it across the line but I was gutted. I couldn’t believe I had dropped a weight that wasn’t even hard for me. I’ve never dropped 160 in training. I haven’t even dropped 180 in training. The following hour before the next event was a mental fight not to let the disappointment get to me and to give up already.

comp day farmers
Just going for a stroll. Don’t be fooled by the short sleeves, it was freezing.

Second event was the farmers/tyre medley… I generally enjoy farmers and feel comfortable, and the weight was a nice comfortable one for me, but I’m not much of a fan of tyres, though the last few weeks into training the tyres were feeling more comfortable and less of a struggle. Thankfully the tyre weight wasn’t huge either so it really was a race of who was fastest. For me I just wanted to erase the disappointment of the yoke and get on with the day and I feel I did that. The farmers went well and the tyre had some hiccups where I didn’t get a good grip on the tyre a couple of times, but I didn’t stop and I went over the line in a quick time that I was happy with. I came 4th, but turns out there was only 0.01 seconds between me and my training buddy for 3rd place, so I can’t be mad about that tight competition!

comp day deads
I make very sexy faces when I deadlift apparently. Every single photo is exactly the same.

The middle of the day was the max deadlift effort, my weakest event and the one I knew I would sit somewhere in the middle to the back of the pack. The event changed from the original 3 attempts at a nominated weight to essentially a rising bar in 10kg increments starting at 80kgs where you picked the 3 weights you wanted to go for. This unfortunately stuffed up my original plan of 115, 125, 130/135 depending on how I felt. So I went for 110, 120, 130 knowing that potentially the first two lifts were a waste but wanting to at least get something on the board. Well I was stoked because I hit all three lifts! My deadlift is now up at 130! YAY! Considering in February my deadlift 1RM after surgery was 85kgs, I have to say I’m pretty damn happy with that level of progress. The 130 went up too easy, so I feel confident there is more in me and my aspirational goal for the year of hitting 150 doesn’t seem so far away now!

comp day log
Steely focus

The final two events are two of my favourites and two of my strengths, though to be honest I thought the log would go better for me than the stones, but that’s not how it worked out on the day. I went into the log in the second to last head to head and knew I needed more than 9 to win. Unfortunately I got 8 but couldn’t lock out the 9th, this placed me 2nd though and I pushed as hard as I could so I’m not disappointed with that result at all.

Going into the stones I was placed 4th overall but I had no idea what the points were, so I basically felt I probably wasn’t going to get a podium place. Bex sternly told me to stop worrying about other people, it was the last event, just go in there and empty the tank and smash the stones. Very sage advice from someone who has done this before LOL. Well my ultimate goal was 4-5 reps on the 75kg stone. In training I had only ever done two in a row, but as you know, it was always raw. My one attempt with tacky was a nightmare. After some more counselling from Tara and some other strongman competitors who were there to assist on the day, I taped my arms and strategically placed tacky where it was needed. It made a HUGE difference! I got all 5 reps and I screamed my lungs out. Talk about a PB and being proud of yourself, I felt like I smashed through the glass ceiling and arose victorious on the other side. It didn’t matter what anyone came along and did after me. But, to save me and my chance of a podium position, no one came along and beat me. Felt like the Invincible Hulk after that effort (this is a new superhero I’ve created, get on board).

comp day podium hug
Podium hugs with the amazing first place – Amanda

That final effort was enough to push me up to 2nd place overall and get on the podium and only 2 points away from the winner. Everyone was incredible and so nice and friendly and supportive. So many PBs were hit on the day, so much screaming and cheering for training buddies, new friends, and especially for B. He pushed so hard and showed so much mental grit and determination in getting through things that were aspirational for him. I am so proud of everything he has achieved in the short 5 months since he started lifting heavy. He has so much more to give and achieve and we’ve both come so far since the start of the year, I can’t wait to see where we’ll be another 6 months from now, let alone 1 or 2 years!

So now what?

Now I am looking for all the competitions and going to try and get as much experience as possible competing in different environments on different equipment. I got the bug now.

But first – a holiday! 🙂

comp day me and bri
The most amazing training buddy anyone could ever have xo