Not every session you can you hit PBs, I know this. It’s only logical that sometimes things won’t work out perfectly, in life as it is in training. This was a little bit of a disappointment for me anyway the last few times I’ve trained. Friday was supposed to be a big deadlift session and the opportunity to try out my first and second attempts for comp. I had tightness through my lower back/pelvis from netball the night before and sitting all day and some late nights at work.

Every deadlift was like lifting through mud. Unfortunately, I only did three singles at 110kgs and didn’t go any further. Coach stopped me there and wouldn’t let me go any further, the rest of the session was taken up with light front squats and some upper body work. I left feeling quite dejected. Two weeks out from comp and I can’t even keep up with basic training. Sigh.

tacky dilemnas
tacky dilemnas the day after

It wasn’t like it felt heavy or too hard… I just couldn’t keep up. My body wasn’t snappy or with it. Wasn’t responding to signals.

We ended up not being able to do any event training at all over the weekend due to an unfortunate set of circumstances and a series of errors which was disappointing. But we made up for it with a big deadlift session with some friends. Again, we couldn’t get into event training this week which was very frustrating and disappointing, but we made plans with the same friend who also couldn’t get into the class and did a session on the log and stones last night. I really didn’t feel like I achieved much.

deadlift 120
120kg dead


I did maybe 4 sets at my comp log for 1 clean and 5 presses. It wasn’t particularly challenging, but I know I’m not allowed to be going for max weight right now in the lead up to comp, so I kept it simple. We then spent time on the stones and I wanted to try out tacky in preparation for comp. Well I hate tacky. I could barely even get the 75kg stone up off the floor. I think I’ll just prefer to do it raw on comp day which is insane. Especially if anyone goes before me and uses tacky, that’ll tear up my skin even worse, but I just didn’t feel I could get a grip on the stone at all. So I left basically feeling completely defeated.

There has been a tonne of personal stuff going on, both in my life and some people around me as well which has hit me hard. It’s stopped me from sleeping, either physically through having to stay up or mentally by keeping my mind racing. I am finally able to EAT.ALL.THE.FOOD but suddenly I’ve got no appetite.

It’s the worst possible time when I’m supposed to be building into comp for a peak but I feel as if I already peaked two weeks ago and everything is downhill from here! GAH! I guess not everything can be perfect all the time, even training, the thing you love and are super passionate about, can’t always be rainbows. That’s real life eh?

11 days to go.