Today I got a body scan done at ASN Canberra, and it will be the last one I get for a few months as I load for competition and then relax and go on holidays. I was really nervous about it as my body often works against me. Well, nutrition and workout plans work, until one day they simply stop working altogether. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been on some restricted carbs and calories and cycling to try and achieve some more intense fat loss. From the scans you can see – IT WORKED!

First body scan 2016
My first scan this year

I’m really thrilled to see the changes, especially the increase in muscle and overall reduction in measurements. To be honest I had started to notice some changes in my own body, but sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re just being loony or hopeful. My legs I’ve noticed definitely got smaller and more muscular (in my quads especially) and my waist has really started to curve in. I didn’t think my arms had reduced at all though I definitely noticed a lot more muscularity generally – obviously the scan reflects exactly that (arm circumference stayed the same overall but the muscle circumference increased by half a centimetre). Again, my weight hasn’t really changed much (you would think over 4 months of healthy, targeted eating and intense training I would lose more than 1kg!) but I haven’t lost any muscle at all, in fact, I’ve continued to gain muscle at a slow and steady rate.

July body scan
Today’s scan. Body fat mass from 43.6kgs to 39.6kgs!

I really love these In-body Scans because they’re so much more valuable than the weight on the scales in terms of information and overall health. Sure, they can still be inaccurate. About 5 weeks ago we went for a progress scan and I ended up having a total meltdown in the Costco car park. It showed no positive change, in fact a slight fat % increase. I was a complete mess. I couldn’t believe my hard work had resulted in NOTHING!

B’s scan that day also came out poor which was upsetting for him, though to his credit he handled it much better than I did. We ended up having a long conversation about the accuracy of scales and what we had done differently that day, and whether that actually made any difference to what we felt about our own progress. We agreed that we felt the scales didn’t accurately reflect what we had achieved and noticed in each other’s bodies, so we put the scans aside and got on with it. Luckily I have so much positivity and support between B and Tara and our Strongroom peeps.

Hence I was super nervous about today’s scan. I knew I wasn’t going to have a meltdown this time, no matter the results, but I obviously wanted to see SOMETHING that reflected my hard work. It may not look like much, but IT IS PROGRESS! And I’m really proud of that.

Now off to do a huge deadlift session and eat ALL.THE.FOOD! Let the loading commence!



14 days to go!