It’s my first post so I figure I should explain why I’m here. Strongwoman is why I’m here.

The sport is actually called “Strongman” but, you know, feminism. Google it, it’ll blow your mind. Do you watch Game of Thrones? (If you don’t, you should.) You know the The Mountain? He’s a Strongman. One of the strongest in the world. And it’s incredible.

This sport is about great feats of strength (as the name implies). It is multidisciplinary (as my coach keeps reminding me when I grumble about having to use the axle bar or flip tyres). And it is full body intense training with some of the greatest people you will ever meet (shout out to my peeps!)

I got into it through friends (see above “greatest people you will ever meet”). He was competing for the first time and we went along to cheer and check it out. Both my partner, B, and I were mesmerised. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things! We thought we’d head along for a free trial class and check it out, we were hooked (read: obsessed). And now we’re here.

Counting down to the first ever lifting competition either of us have done. It’s at The X-Unbranded Sports Preparation (shout out to the awesome gym we train at!) on 24 July. It’s called “Unleash the Beast” and you better believe I am ready to!

It is split into four weight divisions and I am in the Over 75kg women’s division.

Here are the events for my weight division for your info:

  • Yoke 160kg – 20m one way;
  • Farmers/Tyre 60kg per hand plus tyre – 15m up and flip the tyre back;
  • Deadlift 3 attempts – Olympic bar, determine your own weights, 60 secs to rep;
  • Log 50kg – max reps in 60 seconds;
  • Stones 50kg OR 75kg – max reps in 60 seconds over 1.2m bar, heavier stone beats more reps on lighter stone.

So far I feel pretty good about these weights. There’s still work to go for me but there is also time. More than anything I’m so excited to do this. It is so far out of my comfort zone, especially to compete, but this sport is amazing and every session I surprise myself.

41 days to go!